Edge of the Web

A one day conference for Australian digital professionals

Buzz Usborne
Principal Designer
Help Scout

Kate Cook
Analytics Lead
The Lumery

Iain Calvert
Boom Ecommerce

Marty Drill

Megan Simpson
Starburst Insights

Elwood Ruffle
Digital Director
Ruffle Design Co

Tracey Whitelaw
Chief Digital Officer

Adapt:Grow. As we continue to see technology evolve and expand, our task as digital professionals is to learn the best ways to adapt and grow. This is what we'll be exploring at Edge of the Web.

Join us for a one-day digital industry event and hear from a diverse panel of digital natives as they share their thoughts, learnings and experience on how we can navigate what's next.

What strategies can we use to adapt to a changing world?
How can we continue to champion better digital experiences?
What does it take to achieve true innovation in digital in 2022 and beyond?

We'll tackle these questions and more while also unpacking the latest digital trends and insights. Grab your spot today.

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